Aug. 10th, 2010

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She’d asked Tyrol if he was sure, and he had been. He’d recognized it from his father’s books, and given that Tyrol’s father had been a priest, he’d known what he was looking at when he saw it. Radiocarbon dating had confirmed it, placing the site at four thousand years old – a perfect match in timing with the exodus of the thirteenth tribe.

Which means there’s no question, and no room for doubt.

The Temple of Five is on that planet, and somewhere inside it is the Eye of Jupiter, just waiting to be found. The way to Earth is almost within their grasp.

All they have to do now is find it, and keep the Cylons from doing the same.

Laura Roslin sinks into the chair behind the desk in the space she’s using as a temporary office on Galactica, adjusts her glasses, and reaches once again for her copy of the Scriptures. The answer they need has to be there somewhere.

* * * * *

He affixes the charge to the central pillar and connects the detonator, then moves to the next one, trying to let his fingers do the work automatically so that he doesn’t have to think about what he’s actually doing.

Tyrol hadn’t been able to figure out what had been happening at first, but it had kept bothering him. It was only him, as far as he could tell; no one else noticed anything. Which makes perfect sense – it’s not like they didn’t all have a frakload of work to do to get the ships restocked with every bit of algae they can scrounge off this rock, and no one’d had time to spare for weird goings-on. Including him.

But it wouldn’t stop, like some kind of vibrating drone right at the edge of his hearing, or like seeing flickers of movement out of the corner of his eye – but whenever he tried to listen more carefully or turned to face it, it was gone. After the fourth or fifth time, he’d realized that he always ended up looking in the same direction, toward the same distant ridge, and had finally given in to impulse, gone to look – and found the Temple.

It’s not a far stretch to think that he might have been led to it somehow, which just makes what he’s doing now that much worse.

This is the Temple of Five, Tyrol thinks, as he sets the next charge. The holiest, most special, most true place I could ever imagine.

And I’m gonna blow it up.


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