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Roslin accompanies Bill and Lampkin back to Galactica, and handles the work of occupying Baltar's new attorney in conversation while the admiral informs his son of his new job as security detail.

She knows Apollo won't be happy with the news. It doesn't matter. Even if she'd been inclined to argue, he needs something to focus on to distract him from Kara Thrace's death.

Once Lampkin and his reluctant escort depart for his quarters, she excuses herself as well, but she has no intention of returning to Colonial One just yet.

There's someone else she needs to see first.
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"You believe in that, right?" He blinks over at this woman who... who's been through so much herself and he can't imagine the weight of responsibility that's been on her shoulders all these years. All the decisions, the snap judgments, the... all of it, it has to have been so overwhelming. He only really got to know her on New Caprica, as another link in the chain, another member of the underground, the most visible member of the resistance force they had there. He's not so frakked up on pain meds here that he can't remember the things she did for them, can't shake the feeling that title or no title, she's one of them.

That, he knows, is what makes a good leader to begin with. You're one of us, he heard it a million times when he played pyramid. You're just one of the guys, who knew?

"I mean, I never paid that much attention to scripture. I'd make confession once in a while, but..." Careful not to move too much, he shrugs. Bless me, brother, for I have acted against the example of the gods. He'd say it, bow his head dutifully, wait to hear his sins had been absolved in the example of the gods, and go on his way. Maybe just a nod to all that wasn't really enough. Kara believed more than he ever did.

"...but you believe in the prophecies." There's no challenge in his words, but there is a tiny ray of hope. It's one thing to go around thinking something from a completely casual point of view, but it's another thing altogether to have it confirmed by a real believer.

Anything, he'll take anything.
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"So you think she's..." Gods, he can't even say his wife's name. That makes it too real, too painful. "That just maybe she's, you know, at peace."

Frak: he wipes the corner of his eye, shakes his head stubbornly. "I mean, as much as someone like Kara could be." The memory of her face catches him so forcefully; he lets out a low sigh and stops trying to be stoic and stops trying to be brave, stops worrying about his reputation, just lets it all go. "Gods damn it, Laura, I can't frakking do this without her. I can't."

He can and he will and he knows that too, but in this moment, the only thing he has is a need that can never, never be filled.
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Her hand on his is an unexpected comfort; he lets his eyes close, doesn't care about the cup of water cradled on his chest, doesn't care about much of anything.


The painkiller Doc gave him makes him slow and exhausted and unnerved and that's the point, to make him just frakking stop. "I guess I should just sleep it off." That's why he's here, to be kept still while that cast sets and probably to make sure he doesn't try to climb up on top of a Raptor next time. Before he drowns himself in what he's sure will be some deep and dreamless despair, he can at least remember his manners a little bit.

"Thanks." For stopping by, for taking the time to say hello, for... for being the one person who cares enough to try to offer some comfort. He's a mess and he knows it, and now Laura Roslin knows it too.

And he really doesn't care. Kara's gone and she's not coming back and the only thing he knows with absolute certainty is that wherever she is, his heart's right there with her.
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"Yes, Sir." He can't fight the meds any more. Can't fight the truth any more either. Can't fix his broken leg by himself, can't do a godsdamn thing about his broken heart.

Well. He's not the only one who's missing Kara, but he's the only one she was married to. In that fabric of threads that demand counting, he figures that counts for something. It has to. Life might be a cruel joke, but it's not so cruel that love is meaningless. He will always, always love his wife. He'll love her for the rest of his life, however long that turns out to be. When the sedative finally seduces him into sleep, he goes unwillingly but with Kara's name on his lips, her face the only thing he sees, and he hopes he doesn't wake up.