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She's in the middle of a math lesson when it begins.

"Laura Roslin?  Come with us, please."

One look at their masked faces, at the way they're standing, and she can tell that this time is going to be different from the previous searches and trips to detention.  When she steps out of the school tent between her guards, zip cuffs binding her wrists, the sight of dozens of people being herded into transport trucks by the New Caprica Police gives her an idea of just how bad it's going to be.

She manages to secure a seat near the back of one of the trucks, where she has a good view of what's going on.  Some people are blindfolded, some aren't -- it seems to depend on the individual guards' preferences, from what she can tell.  She tries to keep track of who's being taken, but it's hard to discern a clear pattern.  Many seem to have been randomly selected.  Some, like herself, have been leaders or examples in one way or another in a time and place where it's dangerous to be noticed.

Roslin thinks it's quite likely that they're all intended to be examples of a different sort.

When they shove Tom Zarek into the truck beside her, she has to bite back a laugh.

"Need a lift, Mr. Vice President?"

"I guess so," Zarek says, dryly.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

The rumbling sounds of the transport are too loud for them to have any further real conversation until the order comes for a five minute rest break.  As they stand by the truck, watching the others mill around, Zarek leans over and mutters,

"Tell me something, Laura.  You tried to steal the election, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did. Tom."

"I wish you'd gone through with it."

When the Centurion firing squad appears at the top of the ridge and trains its guns on the prisoners, Roslin very much wishes the same.

Tom takes her arm and pulls her back through the crowd, out of their executioners' line of sight. When the gunfire explodes from a different direction, she's the one who knocks him to the ground and off the road, out of the path of the bullets.

"You know," she says, dryly, as they untangle themselves and get back to their feet, "we make a much better team working together than I ever guessed we would."

He gives her a quick, surprised look. Roslin smiles at him.

If there's one thing Zarek knows how to do and do well, she knows, it's insurrection.  If he's fallen out of favor with Baltar enough to have been marked for execution -- well, then the Resistance can use him.

Whatever he sees in her expression is enough.  Zarek smiles back.

"You all right down there?"

As one, they both turn to look up at Tyrol. 

The news he has for them changes everything.


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